Silver Tips Munnar – an amazing hotel that uplifts the spirit and massages the mind
Silver Tips, situated in the very heart of the city of Munnar, stands out like a castle purpose- built for those staying inMunnarcity centre for everything within easy reach.However, once you step inside this uniquely designed mega hotel with five floors,you feel as if you were in the mini but modern version of Edinburgh Castle.

In fact this was a cinema theatre that served the British during their time when they owned farmed and ruled over our lands though not our people as we had our own benevolent Kings to rule us.

Although the building was restructured in 2009 to turn it into the quality hotel that is Silver Tips, its interior has more than kept its cinematic image though not its actual use by artistically and creatively redesigning so that it has a mind-massaging effect on visitors.
Silver Tips serves as a live exhibit of a continuing 2000 year old Southern Indian culture and its social and economic transformation over the years. This is portrayed by the different popular but successive Bollywood cinemas.
During our stay we found guests from various parts of the world content and cheerful for landing at the right location with the romantic and uplifting ambience dominated by the stunning Munnar tea estate hills.
Silver Tips has an activity room for youngsters, gym for the mature,Ayurveda centre for seniors and others and a mini theatre for those with an artistic and romantic mind-set enabling them to watch classic films from the past.
It goes without saying that the spacious rooms are most comfortable.
This hotel has a genial and friendly General Manager whose years abroad have given him the insight to anticipate the needs of guests from abroad and the psychological understanding that make him a true friend, guide and philosopher to people of diverse cultural backgrounds.I found the multilingual, caring, courteous and prompt staff a great benefit to guests.