Waterscapes – a super resort that takes you close to nature

As a Keralite, the visit to Waterscapes brought back sweet memories of my childhood in Kottayam. I grew up in a farm where the trees were tall,the birds were carefree and the animals were friendly – part and parcel of the environment in which we lived.


Waterscapes takes you back to the typical Kerala in its village settings.
This resort is practically inside a well-planned but natural bird sanctuary. Each guest is allocated a hut built above ground which gives ample privacy, physical distance and a therapeutic “lost in the jungle” feeling.
The ambience is unusually peaceful and serene.On one side we have the vast, breath-takingVembanadLake with its ever refreshing breeze and unhindered view of sunsets that gives everyone a sense of Cosmic Oneness as the Indian Philosopher ShriAurobondo would have put it.
It is easily accessible by road and not far from Kottayam railway station.

Restaurants have genuine Kerala cuisine at its best .Everyone goes for walks either to the bird sanctuary or to the compound listening to the sound of birds and are refreshed by the greenery and the view of the backwaters where there are free boat trips.
Waterscapes has caring and dedicated staff under the most proactive ,visionary and hardworking General Manager who seems to be determined to make the resort sustainable and so to say a model for other resorts with farsighted initiatives like organic vegetable and fish farming.Ayurveda is also available for those who need it.