UdaySamudra Leisure Beach Hotel and Spa – the Queen of all beach resorts


UdaySamudra is a unique five star luxury beach resort located in Kovalam. It has been very well designed and purpose-built to provide all possible comforts and luxuries to guests. This is a quality hotel where you relax just by being there. There are plenty of helpful and caring staff on standby.



Guests are treated to a brief but traditional welcome on arrival with a cool drink before being shown to their rooms. Rooms at this resort are meticulously clean and spacious. One can book for a room with a direct view of the sea or that of the pool and gardens.

The resort has three open swimming pools and well maintained and beautiful surroundings. UdaySamudra has its own exclusive beach for guests.

Food provided is varied and delicious. Not only is the restaurant multi-cuisine, but many of the staff are multi-lingual.

I recommend this resort to anyone in search of a quality beach resort. There is something unusually unique and positive about this resort. You can understand it fully only by being there and experiencing it.

UdaySamudra’s staff are well-educated, experienced and exceptionally dedicated to make you feel at home and relaxed.

The large reception and lounge area, vast enough to take a walk inside, is a meeting place for guests from all over the world. It has a de-stressing and relaxing ambience. Live music at dinnertime makes you feel as though you are in a concert hall or theatre where food is also being served.

The resort has an Ayurvedic wellness spa, beautiful parlour and a dental service.

Mascot:the hotel with a majestic ambience


While staying at Mascot we also attended a conference in the city and took part in a book launch held at Mascotwhere the Vice President of India also was present.

Its strategic and central location in the heart of the city with easy access to the airport and the railway station will appeal to business persons who look for extra luxury and comfort.
Their highly trained, friendly and caring staffs are another prized asset for business and pleasure travellers from all over the world. We found the prompt and professional buffet is delicious and varied with infinite options. We found its spacious lounges and vast gardens captivating and relaxing.

Orange County: earthly paradise with incomparable hospitality


This is a well-designed and perfect nature resort with villas/cottages with all the comforts including private swimming pool and jacuzzi spread over a vast area full of trees and plants. It is surrounded by coffee plantations and protected forests.

From the moment you step into the reception area you are looked after by well-trained, enthusiastic and smiling members of staff.
Villas/cottages are unusually spacious, very well-maintained and spotlessly clean.
There are three restaurants to choose from: one being exclusively vegetarian and the others specializing in grilled dishes for fine dining and candlelit dinner.
The Sous Chef makes it a point to meet and greet every guest to find out what he/she likes best.
There are several organised activities starting with the bird watchers early morning
Nature Walk was  led by the young but well informed and very inspirational guide who had no problem to identify each and every chirping bird on our bird watching route. Orange County is perhaps one of the best for Bird Watching in Coorg which is known as a bird watchers’ paradise in India.
We also joined the Eco Walk guided by a college lecturer turned environmentalist,who explained how the resort has introduced responsible tourism initiatives and implements a zero waste policy.

We were impressed by the mindset of the management that respects the environment, empowers the poor around the resort and promotes the heritage and culture of India, Coorg in particular. In terms of the overall ambiance, quality of care and the proactive approach,diversity of food etc, the service one receives far exceeds expectations.

Silver Tips Munnar – an amazing hotel that uplifts the spirit and massages the mind

Silver Tips, situated in the very heart of the city of Munnar, stands out like a castle purpose- built for those staying inMunnarcity centre for everything within easy reach.However, once you step inside this uniquely designed mega hotel with five floors,you feel as if you were in the mini but modern version of Edinburgh Castle.

In fact this was a cinema theatre that served the British during their time when they owned farmed and ruled over our lands though not our people as we had our own benevolent Kings to rule us.

Although the building was restructured in 2009 to turn it into the quality hotel that is Silver Tips, its interior has more than kept its cinematic image though not its actual use by artistically and creatively redesigning so that it has a mind-massaging effect on visitors.
Silver Tips serves as a live exhibit of a continuing 2000 year old Southern Indian culture and its social and economic transformation over the years. This is portrayed by the different popular but successive Bollywood cinemas.
During our stay we found guests from various parts of the world content and cheerful for landing at the right location with the romantic and uplifting ambience dominated by the stunning Munnar tea estate hills.
Silver Tips has an activity room for youngsters, gym for the mature,Ayurveda centre for seniors and others and a mini theatre for those with an artistic and romantic mind-set enabling them to watch classic films from the past.
It goes without saying that the spacious rooms are most comfortable.
This hotel has a genial and friendly General Manager whose years abroad have given him the insight to anticipate the needs of guests from abroad and the psychological understanding that make him a true friend, guide and philosopher to people of diverse cultural backgrounds.I found the multilingual, caring, courteous and prompt staff a great benefit to guests.

Waterscapes – a super resort that takes you close to nature

As a Keralite, the visit to Waterscapes brought back sweet memories of my childhood in Kottayam. I grew up in a farm where the trees were tall,the birds were carefree and the animals were friendly – part and parcel of the environment in which we lived.


Waterscapes takes you back to the typical Kerala in its village settings.
This resort is practically inside a well-planned but natural bird sanctuary. Each guest is allocated a hut built above ground which gives ample privacy, physical distance and a therapeutic “lost in the jungle” feeling.
The ambience is unusually peaceful and serene.On one side we have the vast, breath-takingVembanadLake with its ever refreshing breeze and unhindered view of sunsets that gives everyone a sense of Cosmic Oneness as the Indian Philosopher ShriAurobondo would have put it.
It is easily accessible by road and not far from Kottayam railway station.

Restaurants have genuine Kerala cuisine at its best .Everyone goes for walks either to the bird sanctuary or to the compound listening to the sound of birds and are refreshed by the greenery and the view of the backwaters where there are free boat trips.
Waterscapes has caring and dedicated staff under the most proactive ,visionary and hardworking General Manager who seems to be determined to make the resort sustainable and so to say a model for other resorts with farsighted initiatives like organic vegetable and fish farming.Ayurveda is also available for those who need it.

Tea county resort-“A Palace on the Hills”


Tea County was a marvellous and rejuvenating experience, Munnar Hills with their clean air and breathtaking views of hills and valleys surrounded by the stunning and most refreshing vista of the tea estates has a mesmerising and, so to say, intoxicating effect on visitors.

This resort is very unique in many respects. It occupies a vast area and it makes you feel as if the whole resort is at your disposal not just the cottage/room you have been allocated. This certainly is a Palace on the hills that makes you feel that you own the hills and the valleys beneath and around you.


Tea County has plenty of space to walk around within the resort and you can also hire a taxi to be driven around the hills that make up the tea estates in the area. This resort is more like a resort designed in heaven, built by the KTDC and manned by very helpful staff who are very skilled, experienced and determined to provide their guests the most relaxing holidays. with all the comforts you can think of including the most delicious and varied cousin.


Staff are well-trained, experienced, committed, prompt and efficient under the dynamic leadership of its unassuming but charismatic manger who leads from the front making himself always visible and available. I also found other guests equally, happy, content and relaxed, Ayurvedic Spa is an added option of extra luxury at Tea County.
Finally I must confess that myself being a Keralite I felt so proud that we are capable of building, maintaining and managing such resorts projecting the best of hospitality and providing pleasure and relaxation to those who visit the region for holidays.


Lake Palace Resort

Lake Palace Resort  Alleppey  –“A Palace Of Beauty on Water”



Lake Palace Resort is perhaps the ultimate in relaxation -relax by just being there and doing nothing. The resort is surrounded by water-a vast and meticulously designed resort with an exquisite landscape, speed boating facilities and marvellous sunsets in sight in the evenings. Rooms are very modern and spacious. Staff are extremely capable committed and caring.
Lake Palace is spotlessly clean not only inside but also outside with well designed gardens, plants and swimming pools. Food provided is varied, diverse and delicious. I wholeheartedly recommend this resort for all at all seasons-ayurveda is also available for those who need it.

Estuary Island – a unique resort that has something for everyone


 I recently spent 2 days at the Estuary Island Resort . Its location, scenic beauty and calming ambiance make such an impact on you- one really needs to experience to understand it. The 10 minute boat journey to reach the resort in itself is most thrilling and romantic especially if you are not anticipating it.


Time at the resort passes so easily and so fast whether you are taking a walk in the compound, having a boat ride at sunset or being in the pool or even looking out into the sea.

Bedrooms have every comfort one can think of and rooms with sea views are fantastic. Restaurant buffet with its rich and varied menu and facing the sea is not to be missed. In short my stay at the resort was one of the finest and memorable experiences.